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November 11, 2021 All Day


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GBDi team

AI Leadership Summit 2021

Thursday 11 November 2021

08.30 – 13.30
[Virtual Event]

     Government Big Data Institute (GBDi) in cooperation with Swinburne University of Technology, Australia is holding its virtual event on 11 November 2021. The goal of this summit is to provide an international forum for exchanging ideas and information on the practical application of artificial intelligence and big data. Main themes included at the event: – AI and data science – Data management – Data organization thought leadership – Healthcare – Fintech and Smart Cities.
     We invited our attendees to participate in a curated program filled with best-practice presentations and inspiring keynotes. Our international speakers were thought-leaders in their field, world-class AI practitioners, and cutting-edge researchers.

Panel Sessions

1-Digital Driven Medical Transformation

Today people expect access to advanced healthcare and better health outcomes, public and private health resources. We have evidenced the rapid digitization of health services around the world, the demand for health data scientists, health technologists and technology-literate clinical staff.

This panel session brings together multidisciplinary research, clinical, industry, and government organizations to discuss research and development on combining individual and collective expertise with data, information and telecommunication technologies, which ultimately bring people improved health and wellbeing, improved value of care, reduced incidents, and reduced costs.

2-Smart Cities

The Smart Cities panel session brings together with a multidisciplinary group of experts in sustainable urban development. This session discusses topics to address and solve the urban development challenges, which brings people an equitable, sustainable and carbon free future. The discussion will foster achieving the sustainable development goals, facilitating the process of creating more livable and future proof cities and regions based on a wiser use of technology and global resources, empowering collaboration among cities, companies and society, by leveraging technologies such as smart energy, traffic management, smart buildings, digital and data technology.

3-Fintech and Cybersecurity

The Fintech and Cybersecurity panel session will focus on innovations and research trend that transform the finance industry, as we are seeing the strategic impacts of technological revolutions underway in the sector. Cybersecurity implications also make significant impact to the finance industry, given that regulators and securities industry professionals are largely working online while facing increased cyber threats.

The panelists will discuss new technological innovations that will impact both the fintech industry and cybersecurity, such as blockchain, anti-money laundering technologies, distributed ledger, open banking, digital assets, consumer data privacy, regulation technologies, and sustainable economy.


09:00-09:10 Permanent Secretary of Digital Economy and Society
Permanent Secretary of Digital Economy and Society
Australian Government Official
Assoc. Prof. Tiranee Achalakul, PhD
Government Big Data Institute
Professor Pascale Quester
Vice-Chancellor and President
Swinburne University of Technology
09:40 – 10:00
Korn Chatikavanij
KLA Party Leader & Former Finance Minister
“Impact of Technology Disruption on Financial Sector”
10:00 – 10:20
Professor Bronwyn Fox
Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)
Swinburne University of Technology
10:20 – 11.15
Session Chair (5 mins)
Thanakrit Chintavara, MD
Vice Director
Government Big Data Institute

Panelists (5 mins each)
Assoc. Prof. Cherdchai
Nopmaneejumruslers, MD
Vice Director
Siriraj Hospital

Ben Ruktantichoke
Data Scientist
Government Big Data Institute

Ms. Bronwyn Le Grice
Managing Director/Co-Founder, ANDHealth Australia’s National Digital Health Initiative and a Special Advisor to BioScience Managers.

Dr. Terry Sweeney
Chief Executive Officer Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)

Panel discussion (20 mins)
Q&A / Chair’s wrap-up (10 mins)

11:15 – 12:10
Session Chair (5 mins)
Peeradon Samasiri, PhD

Data Scientist

Government Big Data Institute

Panelists (5 mins each)
Professor Simon See
Senior Director and Chief Solution Architect
Nvidia AI Technology Center

Dr. Supakorn Siddhichai
Executive Vice President
Digital Technology and Innovation Development
Digital Economy Promotion Agency

Adam Beck
Executive Director
Smart Cities Council

David Chuter
Chief Executive Office and Managing Director
Innovative Manufacturing CRC

Panel discussion (20 mins)
Q&A / Chair’s wrap-up(10 mins)

12:10 – 13:05
Session Chair (5 mins)
Professor Xiang Yang
Dean of Digital Research
Swinburne University of Technology

Panelists (5 mins each)
David Ben Kay
Chief Legal Officer for Pundi X ( and the President of the Function X Foundation (

Chalee Asavathiratham, PhD
SEVP, Chief Digital Banking Officer
Siam Commercial Bank PCL

Sudhir Pai
Executive Vice President
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Financial Services, Capgemini

Professor Helge Janicke
Research Director
Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre, Australia

Panel discussion (20 mins)
Q&A / Chair’s wrap-up (10 mins)

Closing Remark (13:05 – 13:10)